Scotland- the land dreams are made of

Sally and I traveled to Scotland for five days, which I can honestly say was not nearly enough time to marvel at all this country has to offer. The weather, for the most part, was absolutely great and completely unexpected. Though we did have our fair share of rain, we also had the ever-elusive sun-shiny days too. We were very graciously put up by Mark’s niece, Lisa and her husband, Sean and they were like our own personal tour guides through Aberdeen.

When we first arrived, we weren’t sure what to expect, and what we got was just breathtaking. We saw everything from stone circles to the castle used in Braveheart where the crowned jewels of Scotland were hidden and extra hairy scottish cows. We went to the beaches. We played Wii and drank cider. We bonded with little Eli, the youngest Henkel and quite the ladies man, haha. A special thanks to the Henkels for putting us up, taking us out and showing us the towns!!

Our last night, we decided to stay in Edinburgh (apparently pronounced Edinborough) and we got a nice cozy (and by cozy I mean small and trashy) hostel to rest our tired little heads. We explored the town for a bit and saw a beautiful castle, took a stroll through the park and found some more cider. All in all the trip was great. Next time we have to stay longer and go further- you’ll see why when you look at the pictures.

Standing stones of Cullerlie- probably used for cremated burials. Burnt bones, charcoal and part of a flint knife were found in 1934.

The Bridge of Feugh, we saw four or five salmon trying to make their way up these rocks- it was very neat.

One of the castles we got to visit. This one had an interesting history and was very cool on the inside. We got to walk through the rooms and read about the different inhabitants.

View from the top of the castle.

This was in the gardens at that same castle. The garden was enormous and broken up into several smaller gardens.

Just some random thing you would totally expect to see in Scotland.

Eli playing in the water.

The same stream that Eli was playing in turns into an enormous river.

When we first saw Eli, and Sally first met him, he was super shy. By the end of the day, he scooted next to her in the car and fell asleep, so cute!

We had lunch in a quaint little town, Stonehaven, with Lisa and Sean at this great hotel on the water. These were some of the boats in the little harbor outside the hotel.

This is the castle that was used in Braveheart, all ruins. The crowned jewels of Scotland were also hidden here. Even though it was rainy, it was still beautiful to see.

Hairy Scottish cows!!

Aberdeen beach, when the tide is high.

On our last day in Aberdeen, Eli woke us up at 7 a.m., and Sean took us out to see the beaches and the port in Aberdeen.

A ship coming from the ocean to the port.

A statue in Edinburgh.

Last night in downtown Edinburgh.


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