I <3 Münster

Okay so even though it is 1:30 in the morning and I am leaving for Scotland in 8 hours, I am posting because a.) it has been far too long and b.) I can’t leave for another country without sharing the glory that is Münster. The town is so beautiful and I have had so much fun here!

I’ll first start by saying, “I rode a bike!!!!” As lame as that may sound to many of you, myself included (since I grew up riding a bike), it is a big accomplishment for me, as it took me a bit to get used to riding it. But now, we ride everywhere, to the store, to town, and even just to tour the city. Our bike tour consisted of a little more than two hours riding through a forest, but it was so beautiful. We were surrounded by trees and the weather was so perfect, we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. But everyone rides bikes here, there are bike paths everywhere and the city makes it very easy for the cyclers (not like Texas…).

Other than that, I have visited castles and churches, shopped, had many dinner parties, went to an amazing club (not your normal bump-and-grind place), gone bowling and met some fantastic people. I have to give a shout out to my new friend Paddy too, a friend of Sally’s that has been entertaining me while Sally was at work (poor guy). We went bowling, where we ended up meeting some pretty funny kids, we walked the city, played board games all day and ate loads of food. He taught me how to say things like nappies, dodgey and queue. It was all good fun, and now, I will let the pictures say the rest!

Me on my bike!!

My room at Sally's flat.

Our walking tour to see the city and some churches. Left to right: Paddy, me and Sally.

The first church- I made this picture big so you could see the three cages. This is the story: During the Protestant Reformation, a group of Anabaptists followed a prophet to Munster and settled there, chasing off the Bishop who ruled the city. The group believed the world would end on one Easter Sunday in the 16th century. When it didn't, their prophet was killed in a fight. A new leader stepped forward and was crowned king. The new king ruled for only 18 months before his people got fed up and let the Bishop's men into the city walls. In the ensuing battle, the new king, his second-in-command and his executioner where tried, found guilty and tortured to death. Their bodies were hung in these cages on the spire as a message to anyone who would go against the bishop. The cages were protected during the war and rehung with light bulbs inside as a symbol that ideas cannot be bound by bars. It is a very beautiful, gothic looking building. Very creepy at night as Paddy and I found out.

Church number two.

Moat number one.

One of the statues was assaulted!

Castle and moat number two; very old school with a drawn bridge and everything.

I don't know why I'm smiling about this...

We locked her up too.

The walkway to castle number three. So, so beautiful!

The courtyard of the third castle, it was so big!

Bowling with Paddy- we had the whole place to ourselves because no one else was there. It was super old school but the ice cream was quite good.

These two random German kids just came up and started watching us and Paddy invited them to play. At first they said no, but when they saw how awful I was, they decided they could do it. I was so funny!

We went to the aasee, or lake, last weekend and they were having these canoe races, and at the end they went so fast, they lifted a parasailer. It was very cool stuff.

Off to Scotland in the morning, then Berlin, Barcelona, back to Dichtelbach and home. More posts to come soon!!


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