London- I dig you

Day two in London:

Day two was great!! We did the touristy things like watch the changing of the guard and see Big Ben. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for is how quickly the weather changes in London. One minute the sun was shining and the next I was standing in the city in my dress and the grey clouds took over the  sky, squeezing fat rain drops on my head and creating puddles for me to soak my shoes. Despite the rain- we trudged on and saw the city in all it’s glory.

English breakfast at DDK's- fried eggs, toast, sausage and bacon. Oh so good!

Carla, having her morning coffee.

Me, having my morning coffee white at DDK's.

The changing of the guard was unimpressive, I am sad to report. Maybe if I had actually seen the change and not just a bunch of fuzzy hat bands it would have been cooler.

Though the ceremony was boring, we met some really cool people in the crowd. This kid in particular looked up at Carla and I and mumbled "bonjour," so I said bonjour back and surprised him. We carried on a small conversation using as much French as I could pull out.

Oh, you know, I'm just leaning against the Queen of England's house. Too bad she's on holiday in Scotland- see ya next week!

We took a stroll through another park and I thought this couple was really cute.

The houses of Parliament.

Big Ben. Oh how I loved this clock. I could have admired it all day- it was just so damn beautiful. The prettiest "thing" I have seen next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Lunch today was the classic fish and chips. Yes, I ate fish. And I liked it too.

The list of stops for the tube.

Everyone loves Dexter- even the english!


One response to “London- I dig you

  1. “Look kids, Big Ben -Parliament! Look kids Big Ben-Parliament!”–Chevy Chase, European Vacation

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