London bridges falling down

Day One in London:

I am breaking my London posts into 3 different ones because I have so many pictures and so much to tell! I will start by saying the trip didn’t start sowell and I was worried I wouldn’t like London as much as I’d hoped, but as the first day progressed, so did my feelings toward the city.

We had to get up at 3:30 am and leave by 4 am to make it to the airport in time for our flight to London. We all know how much of a morning person I am (are you sensing the sarcasm?). Also, don’t get me started on the exchange rate for pounds- it makes me really depressed. But anyway, back to the trip- when we got to London, I had to go through where they look at your passport and let you in and let’s just say I almost didn’t make it out of the airport. I don’t know if it was the giant camera around my neck or if they could just smell my enthusiasm, but either way I must have been suspicious. The guy asked me questions for 20 minutes! Why are you here, how long have you been here, how much money do you have, how much did you bring, who is supporting you, when are you here til, why are you in London, what do you do for a living, who are you traveling with, etc… Then, when he went to stamp my passport, he acted like he didn’t want to and it was a huge hassle!! Well I’m sorry you have to do your job sir but I am not here to blow up your city! The people at the airport were quite rude as well. I was very disappointed and not looking forward to dealing with more of that mess.

Once we made it to the city, things turned around very quickly- our hotel was very close to our underground station and we were a five minute train ride away from the city center. We were walking distance from Buckingham Palace, Kensington Park and much more. From this point on I am going to tell you about day one in London through pictures because there are so many. No point in boring you with words when pictures say so much more!

This is our underground station: Victoria.

Breakfast on my first day consisted of fried eggs, beans, bacon, french fries and sausage. It was delicious! We ate at a little cafe called DDK's Cafe- it was so good we ended up eating there every morning!

Of course there were telephone booths all over London, just like you all thought!!

And in those telephone booths is a petite Indian beauty that can guarantee you pleasure.

This is what the streets of London look like.

This one's for you Mom. I have never seen one of these before, but there was a book machine at the airport. So clever!

The British get very mad when you don't stand on the right on the escalators. It's so that the people in a big hurry can pass you on the left.

We watched the sunset on the Serpentine River in Hyde Park. You can't describe the beauty.

This is the best muffin I have ever tasted in my life. It was so moist and delicious. The muffin had real raspberries baked in and white chocolate to compliment.

I had to have tea with my muffin because I was in London. I decided on strawberry-mango. Mhmmmmm

The view from where I'm sitting. Breathtaking.

These skateboarders were all over Hyde Park- they were so cool to watch!

Look left and look right is on every pedestrian street crossing, I'm guessing it's for the massive amounts of tourists that aren't familiar with the backward driving.

Advertising in the underground...

At almost every underground, as the tube approaches, stops and leaves, an english voice comes over the loud speaker and says "Mind the gap please, mind the gap please" about 7 times. After awhile it gets pretty funny.

It's not exit- it's way out.

To conclude the evening, Carla and I had dinner at an english pub and drank some pear cider. It was yummy.


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