Trödel Markt

The Trödel Markt is the equivalent of a flea market- literally translating into junk market. We had been planning to go to this for days and Sally and Carla spent all last night asking me Wohin gehen wir in den Morgen? (where are we going in the morning), because they thought it was hilarious to hear me say Trödel Markt. It is a pretty fun word to say, so I indulged them. And, the junk mart actually turned out to be filled with pretty cool little gems. I managed to get a few souvenirs and enjoyed looking at all the old antiques and knick-knacks.

The rest of the day was a pretty lazy Sunday. We rented a small cabin-type building at the top of Dichtelbach and played Badminton, lounged around on blankets and cooked out. We played with the baby and watched a storm roll through the town. It was relaxing after all the wedding activity and so pretty.

I leave for London in two days, so expect many adventures from there- and we are going to check out what Luxembourg (I get to add another country to my trek!) has to offer tomorrow so I am sure I will have something interesting then as well. I am going to bed for now. Gute nacht!!


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