Germany: Woche Eins

One of my favorite parts about Germany is the scenery. It is like nothing you would find in the states. No matter where you go, a drive to even just the grocery store is like something from a picture book. It is wide open spaces with patches of green, hills, low clouds, huge windmills (my favorite!) and woods. You really can’t take any of it for granted because it is all so breathtaking! I’m posting a few pictures to give you an idea, but even photography doesn’t do this country justice.

The normal scenery- note that I have not altered this picture. What you see is what I shot.

This is the town I am currently in, Dichtelbach. The houses are a perfect meld of old and modern. The streets are narrow and crooked and the whole town shuts off all the lights at midnight to conserve energy.

They have these bathtub-looking troughs randomly throughout town- but they are really just for decoration. Sally says they used to play in them as kids, but they aren't for drinking out of or anything. They are pretty and look very antique.

These are my favorite! I love love love these, and even though I know we have them in the states, they are so much better here!

A random patch of woods on the way from Rheinböllen to Dichtelbach. The trees looked so cool.

So are you getting the idea? It is amazing here.

Besides my sight-seeing endeavors around town, this week has been one big German language lesson for me. Every chance they get, my friends here are constantly teaching me new words, which normally ends in a laughing fit between all of us because it is so bad. I am trying though and here are a few words and phrases I’m using:

Scheiße- shit (I get quite a bit of use out of this one)

Wie alt bist du?- How old are you?

Wo kommen Sie her?- Where do you come from?

Was möchten Sie trinken?- What do you like to drink? (To which my reply is usually Sekt or champagne, haha)

My use of the language basically consists of me walking around saying Scheiße, Was, Nein and JaJa. So far, it’s worked well for me.


One response to “Germany: Woche Eins

  1. omg the pics are amazin i wish i could be there. your work is great and im tring to sound as sifisticated as i can but im soo proud of you doin your dream

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